I’ve never blogged a selection of pictures from any given year before, so  I thought it’s about time I did!

For this reflection on 2017 I wanted to choose one or two pictures from each wedding but with a very specific intention.  I wanted to choose the images that I liked best from the reportage side of my work.  So in the main these images are very natural, candid moments that have moved me in one way or another.  From tears to laughter and moments where I look back and simply think “I’m glad I was there at that moment in their lives”.   There are one or two more “posed” pictures but even with these it’s the natural connection between the couple that I love.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but it ‘s worth mentioning that they are all black & white.  Why?  Well the reason is simple –  I love black & white photography.   Many of these haven’t been seen in black and white before, I’ve converted lots of them just for this retrospective.  Hope you enjoy it…

Ryan Jarvis Photography