On Friday 18th August I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Amy & Ryan at The Haycock in Wansofrd near Peterborough.

I was looking forward to Amy & Ryan’s big day as it was one of those rare weddings where I felt I knew many of the stars of the show before I started.  Amy had been bridesmaid for Natalia a couple of months previously so I’d got to know some of the gang then.  This time Natalia was bridesmaid for Amy, and Leanne had been bridesmaid for both.  They were brilliant fun last time and they certainly didn’t let me down this time either.  It was also nice to be going to my home town of Chatteris for the start of the day and the ceremony.  You can’t beat being on your own patch!

So Amy and an exited bunch of bridesmaids got ready at mum and dad’s house, just a stones throw from the church.  While I was with them my second Liz met up with Ryan and the  groomsmen at the couple’s home which was also just a short walk from church.

It was a fun morning with presents to open, bubbly to drink, hair and make-up and beautiful dresses to put on.   Steve (Amy’s dad) may be wondering what happened to all the beautiful flowers in his garden.  I would never tell-tale but there are a couple of clues in one of the pictures below.  Still, they were the cutest flower girls you ever saw and who could raise a voice to them?

The boys dropped in at The Cross Keys for a drop of “Dutch courage” and then it was over to St Peter’s & St Paul’s for the main event.  After a lovely service there was time for hugs, kisses, confetti and a few photos before heading off to The Haycock.  It’s one of my favourite venues in Peterborough and I always enjoy shooting there.

It was a beautiful day (despite a little rain on the way to the venue) and everyone got outside for photos and drinks.  I grabbed Amy & Ryan for a few pictures before the meal just in case the rain came back and ruined the shoot we’d planned for afterwards.  Fortunately we got to shoot before and after the meal and whilst Amy loves the camera I wasn’t so sure about Ryan.  As it turns out he loved it and did brilliantly in front of the camera too.

The wedding breakfast ended with some fantastic speeches from Steve, Ryan and best-man Ross.   As is often the case the best-man’s speech can be a little on the risqué side and Ross certainly lived up to expectations.  After one particular joke (which I thought was hilarious by the way) I heard Amy’s grandma exclaim “I didn’t get that”!!!  “Probably best you didn’t” I remember thinking as I snapped away, enjoying the puzzled look on her face.

Amy & Ryan’s wedding was a fantastic occasion with a wonderful couple and a great bunch of friends and family.  I spent much of the day laughing along with them and certainly felt very honoured to be a part of it.  Wishing them all the very best for the future.  Please enjoy a selection of pictures from a great day……

Haycock Hotel wedding Haycock Hotel weddingHaycock Hotel wedding Haycock Hotel wedding


P.S It was great to see so many local suppliers coming together for Amy & Ryan’s big day.  So big shout out to:-

Flowers – Corinne from www.corinneturnerfloristry.co.uk

Hair – Lucy from www.facebook.com/Hairbyluciepeacock

Make-up – Lauren from www.befabulous.online

Venue dressing – Gayle from www.facebook.com/gdc.candytables/