On Saturday July 22nd I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding on Emma & Justin at Anstey Hall in Cambridge.

Some weddings are quite traditional in their approach.  And some less so. Emma & Justin’s big day was far from traditional.  With Emma being a Disney loving actress and Justin being into loads of great “boy stuff” such as Star Wars, super-heroes and Lego, this was never going to be a “normal” day at the office for this particular wedding photographer.

From the outset I realised just how much Emma loved Disney.  Her shoes were gold in colour and lit up whenever she clicked her heels.   Her reserve shoes were white Doc-Marten’s with characters from the Little Mermaid painted on.  But it wasn’t until we got to Anstey Hall that Disney really came into force.  The marquee where the wedding breakfast would take place was Disney heaven!  And I must say I have never seen so much attention go into the table decor.  Each table was unique, with a theme from a different Disney story.  I’m not clued-up enough to name all the references but I’m pretty sure one was Alice in Wonderland and one was Beauty and the Beast.  Fantastic!

I’d got to know the six bridesmaids during the “getting ready” part of the day in Emma & Justin’s beautiful cottage in Southoe.  They were mostly actresses too and certainly weren’t shy of the camera.  My assistant Vaida had met up with Justin and the boys at a B&B right next to the church.  Justin and best man Mike are in the US military and they looked great in their military uniforms.   The service in Southoe village church was lovely with one of the most amazing vicars I’ve ever met.  She loved the camera too and was a real breath of fresh air, making the service a really enjoyable, up-beat occasion.

Onto Anstey Hall and things started out fairly normal.  Drinks, family photos, the wedding breakfast, lovely speeches.  All standard stuff.  And then the world turned upside down as the groomsmen declared Nerf Gun war on the bride and everyone else.  The back lawn of the venue suddenly turned into a battlefield as the wedding party and most of the guests took up arms for the Nerf Gun fight of the century.  I did my best to capture the action whilst dodging bullets and trying not to get run over by marauding groomsmen.   It was amazing and so much fun.   Once the battle was over I looked across the battlefield and wondered how many pounds/dollars had been spent on Nerf Gun ammunition!  The best thing was I only got hit once!

For me the day ended with the first dance and I left as everyone enjoyed the band.  Cinderella had married her Prince Charming and the day had been an absolute blast.  Wishing Emma & Justin all the very best for the future as Husband & Wife, Han & Leia, Mickey & Minnie, Ariel & Eric (yes I googled that) etc etc.  Enjoy this pictures!


Anstey Hall Wedding Anstey Hall Wedding Anstey Hall Wedding Anstey Hall Wedding