Quy Mill Weddings

Kate & Daniel at Quy Mill

On Saturday February 27th I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Kate & Daniel at Quy Mill near Cambridge.

I really enjoyed this late winter wedding at a venue I’d not been to for a couple of years.  Kate & Daniel are a lovely couple and their day was spent with a great group of friends and family.  It was chilly (the wind made it worse) and I felt bad for the wedding party when they went outside for the family photos.  Fortunately Kate has Northern roots and didn’t moan once about the cold!  I can put up with it too, but I’ve had flu in the week following so I might think about taking a coat along to the next winter wedding I shoot.

For me the day started with Kate and her bridesmaids getting ready.  They were great fun and there didn’t seem to be any nerves on show.  Kate especially seemed cool, calm and collected, even when she was fashionably late for the service.  While I was with Kate my second, Paul met up with Daniel and the groomsmen (including son David) for some pre-service pictures.  After the service there was plenty of time for mingling with the guests, drinks and photos before the wedding breakfast in Quy Mill’s Waterwheel Room.  Kate’s mum Sue, best-man Peter and Daniel all gave some great and funny speeches.

As always the day ended with the traditional first dance.  It had been a great day which flew by so quickly.  Thanks to Kate & Daniel for booking me to shoot the big day, it was an honour to be a part of.  Wishing the newlyweds all the very best for the future as husband and wife.  I hope you enjoy this small selection from the day…..

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