On Thursday May 18th I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Kate & Trevor in Cambridge.

This was a lovely intimate wedding with Kate & Trevor’s closest family.  In total there were 13 guests including Kate’s family who had all flown over from Australia for the special occasion.

After the service at Cambridge registry office the rest of the day was very untraditional, done exactly as Kate and Trover wanted.  After the service there was time for some family photos, mingling, confetti and a wander up Castle Hill for a great view of the city.

Next it was time for everyone to go punting.  But before that the newlyweds took a detour to The Punter pub for a cheeky pint.  As I was sharing a lift with them I felt like the ultimate gooseberry, as they shared a private moment in the pub beer garden.  But at least I got a few nice shots of them as they spent their first moments alone as husband and wife.

Punting was amazing!  The couple had hired three punts and everyone enjoyed plenty of fizz as they were steered along the Cam.  It was a lovely late spring afternoon and the river was busy with tourists enjoying one of the city’s most famous pastimes.  Students waved from the riverside and lots of folks shouted “congratulations”!  I was grateful to our punt driver (is that what they are called??), Jim as he pulled over several times to let me jump out so that I had a mixture of shots from in the punts and along the riverside.  How I managed to not fall in I’ll never know.

A lovely picnic followed the punting and then the couple joined me for some pictures around one of the colleges.  By this time it had started to rain so it was great that we would could find some  sheltered spots.  Considering it had rained constantly the previous day, a little rain now wasn’t so bad and it certainly didn’t spoil the occasion.

I left the wedding party as they enjoyed a drink in the Varsity Hotel.  They were planning to go for a meal elsewhere in the city later in the evening and for now my job was done.  With it being such an intimate wedding I felt hugely honoured to be part of it and am very grateful to have been made to feel so welcome by everyone.  Wishing Kate and Trevor all the very best for the future.  I hope this selection of pictures will help tell the story of a wonderful day…..

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