On Saturday 9th September I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Katherine and Luke.

As a wedding photographer it’s hard not to become obsessed with the weather forecast.  The threat of rain was on my mind and I knew how important it was to Katherine that I was able to get them outside for photos.  So after the girls were all ready, we headed off to St Leonard’s church in Leverington to meet Luke and the boys ready for the service.  And as I feared the heavens opened.  Katherine dashed from the car to the church as the bridesmaids helped keep her dress off the wet pavement.  At least it was dry inside!

It was a lovely service and I was grateful to the vicar for letting me record the events as they unfolded.  We stayed in church after the service to shoot all the family group photographs.  It was too wet and muddy to get outside (more on mud later) but the church made a beautiful backdrop for the pictures.

On the way to the community centre in Tydd St Giles the weather calmed down.  So we stopped for some pictures with the car while my second (Paul) acted as umbrella-man.  He did his best to keep the couple dry while I snapped away but soon enough and the rain was coming down hard again.  During the wedding breakfast I kept an eye on the weather, and I agreed to sell my soul to the devil if we could just have a little sunshine.  And that’s just what we got.  Just as Luke thought he was going to enjoy his desert I grabbed the couple and off we went in my car to find a nice spot for pictures.

Now, by “nice spot” I hadn’t quite realised quite how muddy the conditions were.  But Katherine was more than happy to ruin her shoes if it meant we got the shots.  And we did indeed ruin her shoes, but I’m sure she’s not planning on wearing them again.  And I think the pictures are worth it!

Katherine & Luke’s wedding was a lovely occasion (despite the rain), celebrated with such a lovely couple and a fantastic bunch of friends and family.  Wishing them all the very best for the future.