On Saturday 10th December I had the honour of shooting the wedding of Katie & Ross at King’s Lynn Town Hall.

The day started in Katie’s home village of Ingoldisthorpe.  It’s a lovely village in North Norfolk with possibly the hardest to find church I’ve ever come across.  How can the tallest building in a village be hard to find?  Only I could have to find the answer to that particular question.  Thankfully Katie and the girls chose to get ready in a beautiful cottage not far from the well-hidden church.  With the bride, her four bridesmaids, flower girl, two videographers, hairdressers and make-up artists (plus me), it was cosy.   But the girls were all great fun and seemed to enjoy the excitement of Katie’s big day.

Ross and his groomsmen started the day at The Duke’s Head hotel in King’s Lynn.  With many of the family and friends travelling from Wales and Scotland for the big day they also stayed in town the night before.  Once they were ready they made the journey to church in a vintage Route Master bus.

The ceremony was a lovely occasion although I was asked by the vicar to remain at the back of the church.  Fortunately he was happy for me to get some snaps from there and I was invited to the front when Katie & Ross lit candles to mark their special day.  By the time it was over the heavens had opened and it was raining outside.  Knowing how special the church was to Katie I decided it would be nice to keep them back in the church to get some pictures of them both.  Meanwhile the guests got back on the bus and headed to the Town Hall for the drinks reception.

Thankfully the rain had stopped again when Katie & Ross reached the Town Hall so I whisked them off for some pictures around the nearby quay.  This would be my last chance to get any shots of the couple outside as daylight was fading fast and who knew what the weather would be doing later.  Once we’d got the pictures the couple enjoyed the rest of the day with their guests and their wonderful baby son Tommy.  My favourite shots of the day happened when I found Katie having a lovely quiet moment with Tommy, you can see the shots below.

After the wedding breakfast and speeches the rain had resumed (in fact it was really pouring) and by now it was dark.  I suddenly figured that maybe there was chance for one more “wow-shot” before my day came to an end.  So, out with the “special” umbrella and flashes to set up the shot you’ll see below.  Huge thanks to my assistant Nick for getting soaked while holding the rear flash and for videographer Katie for keeping me and my kit dry while I took the shot.  And of course thanks to Katie & Ross for braving the conditions!

The wedding of Katie & Ross was a lovely occasion and an honour to be a part of.  Wishing the happy couple and little Tommy all the very best for the future.  Please enjoy this small selection of pictures from the day….

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