Minstrel Court Weddings

Kim & Bruno at Minstel Court

On Monday 22nd August I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Kim & Bruno at Minstrel Court near Royston.

Yes a Monday wedding.  It was the 5th anniversary since Kim & Bruno got together and so it was very much the right date for their special day.  Kim got ready at the couple’s home in Huntingdon.  She was joined by her mum and my friend Kerry ( www.cambridgemakeupartist.com ), who was there to help get the girls ready for the big day.  When I first met the couple Bruno had introduced me to his “man cave” where he kept all of his amazing collectables, including Star Wars and Marvel goodies.  I knew I had to include some of this on the wedding day and the shot of Iron-Man and the rings is the result!

Once the girls were ready it was into the vintage car for the trip to the venue.  The venue had been brilliantly dressed by another of my friends – Gayle from GDC Weddings and Events.  I got there first and found Bruno with my second (Liz) and the two best-men.  With most of Bruno’s friends and family coming from Portugal I’m not sure how much of what I said they understood.  But then again, I’m not sure English people understand much of what I say either!

The service took place in the pavilion which overlooks the lake.  It was a lovely ceremony and I could tell Bruno was taken aback as he turned to see his wife-to-be walking down the aisle with her mum.  Once the formalities were over the couple led their guests back down the tree-lined driveway to the marquee where the wedding breakfast would take place.  It was lovely summers day so the guests mingled outside with drinks and canapés while the children played with some garden games.

The wedding breakfast concluded with great speeches from both Kim and Bruno.  An ice-cream van had arrived during the meal and it proved to be very popular as the guests rushed outside to get their 99’s and lollies.  There’s no glamorous way to eat an ice-cream and as such great pictures result!  While the ice-creams were going down nicely Kim & Bruno joined me for some pictures around the grounds.  The early evening light was perfect and I think the couple enjoyed being out in the fresh air and a chance to be by themselves (albeit with Liz and I in tow!).

Kim & Bruno’s first-dance was a new one for me.  I don’t recall ever seeing a first-dance outdoors before.  The couple danced away on the patio while a fabulous duo performed some great songs for them.  It was great end to a lovely, relaxed wedding day with a couple who had made Liz and I feel very welcome from start to finish.

Wishing Kim & Bruno all the very best fore the future.  I hope you enjoy this small selection of pictures from the day…

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