On Thursday 1st June I had the honour of shooting the wedding of Louise & Steve at Woodland Manor Hotel in Bedford.

I properly got to know Louise, Steve and little Jack (AKA Squidge) at their pre-wedding shoot back in February at the local country park near their home in Oundle.  They were great fun and I couldn’t wait to shoot the big day.

After getting ready at the local hair & Beauty salon, Louise and the girls headed back to mum and dad’s house in the village of Oakley to finish preparations for the day to come.  While I was with the girls my assistant Liz met Steve, Jack and the best-men at the venue.  Poor little Squidge had been off colour for a few days leading up to the wedding and he still wasn’t feeling 100%.  But he didn’t complain and got on with the day like a real little trooper.

The church was just just round the corner and I was delighted that the vicar would let me photograph the proceedings as I wished.  The thrill of seeing the bride walk down the aisle to meet her future husband is always a highlight of the wedding day.  And as Louise and Steve stood in front of the vicar my heart sank.  Steve had stepped into the brightest beam of sunlight you ever saw!  I felt like shouting “hang on, I can’t work with this light!!”.  Obviously I didn’t, instead I ran out of a side door behind my original vantage point and worked from the back of the aisle for the rest of the service.  Here at least I had a chance of getting some exposures which wouldn’t make Steve look like a light bulb!  Phew!!

The rest of the day was spent at Woodland Manor, a venue I’d not been to before but certainly a perfect setting for a wedding.  It was a lovely relaxed occasion with plenty of drinks and nibbles for the adults and games for the children (big and small) to play in the gardens.  With Steve being a professional drummer it was no surprise that a music theme ran throughout the wedding, with all the tables being named after well-know drum manufacturers.  Several of Steve’s band mates were at the wedding including Tom who did an amazing job of MC.   With Tom on the scene I was guaranteed to get plenty of shoots of people laughing!

After the wedding breakfast Louise & Steve joined me for some pictures in a nearby parkland.  By now the sun was dropping and the light improving all the time.  The couple were great in front of the camera and I think they enjoyed a chance to spend some time together as husband and wife.  Back to the venue and my day ended photographing the traditional first-dance.

Louise and Steve’s big day was a fantastic occasion with a great couple and their lovely friends and family.  Wishing them and little Squidge all the very best for the future……

Woodland Manor weddings

Woodland Manor weddings



P.S Here’s that light I mentioned.  What a great picture Mother Nature helped me produce!