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A little bit about me…..

I’ve been a professional photographer since the start of 2009.  During the summer of 2018 I photographed my 300th wedding and in April 2019 I’ll reach my 10th anniversary.   When I set out on this journey 10 years ago I daren’t dream I’d still be going 10 years later.  And I’m only just getting started!

I was interviewed by a magazine last year and one question stumped me – “What are you most proud of”?  After a couple of minutes thinking about it I realised it was the reviews that people have written for me over the years.  Knowing I’ve done a good job and people are happy is all that matters to me.  I don’t what to be rich or famous, I just like making people happy.   There’s a link to the Free Index website at the bottom of this page.  You’ll find lots of lovely reviews there and there’s plenty more on my Facebook page.

Although I have professional qualifications, I believe it’s vital to continue to develop as a photographer and to stay abreast of current trends and ideas. I also believe that every photographer should develop their own style and bring their own unique creativity to every wedding they shoot. This has been my motivation to provide quality training for others and I am proud to know that some have become successful in their own right.


I always consider it a huge honour to be invited to shoot a couples’ wedding and believe in doing whatever it takes to ensure that the pictures I produce exceed all expectations. I love being part of a couples’ big day, and believe in being there to capture wonderful moments while staying in the background to let you and your guests enjoy the day in a relaxed, loving and fun way.

I would love to show you my portfolio of wedding albums where you can see the final product . A product which couples’ absolutely adore and love showing to their friends and family. Please do fill in the “contact” form and I will be delighted to visit you to discuss your requirements and show you my albums.


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ryan jarvis - wedding photographer
swpp since 2008
certified photographer IFP