Amy & Simon at Orton Hall Hotel

On Saturday 28th May I had the honour of photographing the wedding of Amy & Simon at Orton Hal Hotel in Peterborough.

Simon and Amy are such a lovely couple and I was thrilled to photograph their wedding. I’d met them on at least three other occasions so by the time the wedding came round I felt like I was going to a friends wedding! They are great fun and a joy to spend time with. Simon is quiet, but he has a very dry sense of humour, which I find really funny. Amy is the more gregarious of the two, I watched in fascination as her and some friends kept jumping up and down while a friend filmed them on a mobile phone. Something to to do with TikTok I believe, but I’m old and don’t know much about these things! I hope I get to see whatever they were doing one day. Maybe I’ll start doing it!

The wedding was a really relaxed day. Both Amy and Simon were cool, calm and collected. If anything was stressing Amy out on the day it certainly didn’t show. And Simon is always cool as a cucumber and he was no different on his big day. If he had any nerves he certainly kept them well hidden. The day was good fun and the newly weds were joined by a lovely bunch of family and friends. It really was an honour to play a part.

Wishing Amy & Simon all the very best for the future as husband and wife. I hope this small selection of pictures helps tell the story of a lovely day…