Red Barn Wedding photographer

Conor & Luke at Red Barn

On Saturday 7th August I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Conor & Luke at Red Barn near Downham Market. 

What an amazing wedding!  Conor & Luke are a fantastic couple and it’s so obvious that not only do they love each other very much, but they are loved and cherished by a massive group of friends and family too.  So being a part of their wedding was a real treat and an honour to photograph. 

Red Barn is one of my favourite venues, the barn itself is beautiful and the Norfolk countryside all around is perfect for pictures.  The ceremony was lovely, with Conor & Luke walking down the aisle together in both directions, the second time as newlyweds!

A downpour tried to spoil things shortly after the service but thankfully it didn’t last.  And I was thrilled when Conor & Luke agreed to jump in the venue owner’s truck so we could head off to a couple of fields I’d found on a previous visit.  Thanks to Richard for the lift, but how I managed to not fall out the back of the truck I’ll never know. 

I must admit I cringed a bit when Richard said the guys could jump in the combine harvester for a picture.  But Luke and Conor were dead keen, and I’ll admit it did make quite a cool shot.  I felt like I’d hit the jackpot when the light changed and I got my favourite lighting conditions as the guys went for a walk through the corn field.  Happy days!!

Back to the barn for the dancing and, for me, that was the end of another fantastic wedding.  Wishing Conor & Luke all the very best for the future.  As we all live in the same village I’ll look forward to seeing you around, and hopefully one day meeting Kasper..

Red Barn Wedding photographer