The Old Hall, Ely

Chloe & Will at The Old Hall, Ely

On Saturday March 5th I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Chloe & Will at The Old Hall, Ely.

“What do you do if it rains?”

Understandably I get asked this question quite often. My answer is honestly the same as if I’m asked “what do you do if it’s sunny all day?”

The answer:-

“My best”

Yep, rain or shine I always do my best to get the best possible images for my couples. It might be raining (which admittedly does make life a little harder), but I’m not going to phone in sick, or go home in a strop. No, I play with the cards I’m dealt and do the best I can.

There is also one other factor to all this – the couple themselves. If the couple are willing to grab a brolly and embrace the rain then happy days!

And in the case of Chloe, I knew she would be brave. If ever a bride enjoyed her big day it was Chloe. She literally didn’t stop smiling and laughing all day long, and she certainly wasn’t going to let a little rain stop play.

The day itself really was a fantastic wedding to be a part of. The couple were absolutely brilliant and they were joined by a fabulous bunch of friends and family. Every time I turned around someone was either in hysterics or about to down yet another shot. I felt drunk watching!

The day had started at the Old Hall, then off to St Leonard’s in Little Downham for the service, before heading back to the Old Hall for the rest of the celebrations.

After all these years I’ve still not learned how to stop the rain and I felt guilty that the weather hadn’t been kinder. But I wasn’t sorry to see such a lovely couple tie the knot on such a wonderful occasion.

Wishing Chloe & Will or the very best for the future as husband and wife. I hope this small selection of pictures conveys what a fab day it was!