Lisa & Savash at Channels Estate

On Sunday 30th May I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Lisa & Savash at Channels Estate near Chelmsford.

What a beautiful day for a wedding! Wall to wall sunshine without hardly a cloud in the sky. And if any couple deserved such a lovely day day for their wedding it’s Lisa & Savash (AKA Sash). I first met them a few weeks before the day for their pre-wedding shoot. They were so easy to get on with and I felt like I’d known them years by the time I went home. So I knew the big day would be great fun and a joy to be a part of. And it was!

Sash had told (warned?) me that his groomsmen would be a riot. They sure were a great bunch of guys. And I learned something new – vodka comes in a 3 litre bottle! I felt like the hobbits in Lord of the Rings when they discover their favourite ale comes in a bigger tankard – “it comes in pints??!!” I’m not sure where the vodka went but the guys were still standing when I left for home.

Lisa and the girls meanwhile were getting ready in the amazing converted barn know as Channels Retreat. With a hot tub out the back they’d had a great evening the night before and were clearly enjoying the morning of the big day. Lisa was joined by brides maids Michelles & Jasmine, plus Sash’s mum Penny, who insisted I call her “Turkish Delight”. So I did.

The ceremony took place outdoors in what’s known as “the church without a roof”. Complete with genuine church pews it was very unique. I love an outdoor wedding! After the formalities it was time to chill in the sun and enjoy a drink with the guests.

The wedding breakfast included a great moment of Turkish dancing from best-man Gaz and auntie Hattie and after speeches the couple did their first dance before handing out all the pictures the caricaturist had drawn earlier. I loved photographing the reactions as everyone saw the cartoon version of themselves!

For me the day ended with some photos of Lisa & Sash in the beautiful evening light. Definitely my favourite time for pictures of the bride and groom, and I think it was a nice time for the newlyweds to have a bit of time alone (except for me and my second Tracy!).

Lisa & Sash’s wedding was a perfect day and a huge honour to be a part of. Wishing them all the very best for the future as husband and wife. I hope you enjoy this small selection of pictures from the day…….

Channel wedding photography